We believe that great design enhances everyday life. Our multi-faceted team is passionate about creating meaningful, custom homes that reflect our clients — while having fun along the way.

About The Founder

Chloe’s passion for interiors stems from her multifaceted design career in New York City. After relocating to Los Angeles, she set out to create a client-centered firm that ranks exceptional service and project management just as highly as timeless design. 

Her approach is built upon personalization and collaboration. Before beginning a project, she spends time getting to know each client individually. She caters to the client’s lifestyle, needs, and taste, along with the home’s architectural qualities. Her priority is to create long-lasting spaces for her clients, using high-quality materials and timeless design choices. She enjoys pulling together emerging artists, craftspeople, and local vendors to enrich the design process.

Originally from Kentucky, Chloe received her fine arts degree in graphic design and art history while living in Nashville, Tennessee. Before focusing exclusively on interiors, she spent years working as an art director and graphic designer for luxury lifestyle and hospitality brands in New York City. She went on to study interior design at Pratt Institute and worked for several top interior designers before moving to Los Angeles to launch her firm.

Inspiring Us Lately