We care about the journey of creating a home as much as the final result. Our multifaceted team of designers and project managers brings a rounded approach to the layered process of interior design. We’ve been refining our tried-and-true process for years so you can enjoy the experience while we handle the details.

What Sets Us Apart


Our processes are built around transparency and collaboration, and we encourage open communication and client involvement in all parts of the design process.


We curate from artisans and makers who practice quality craftsmanship, ethical practices, and inventive design. We aim to source pieces that become heirlooms for years to come.


We aim to deeply understand our clients’ personalities, lifestyles, tastes and goals and allow this to dictate the stylistic direction on our projects, rather than pushing our own style.

Our Process

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I need help establishing a budget?

    Having a clear budget is very important for your project to run smoothly. If you are unsure about what to expect for renovations, we recommend looking at the National Remodeling Cost vs. Value report based on your location. If you need help establishing a budget for furnishings, please let us know and we can send over a budget worksheet to help guide you. We help guide all of our clients on where to invest based on their unique goals.

  • What will my involvement look like?

    We see our clients as collaborators and partners in our projects, and we can accommodate a higher or lower amount of involvement based on the client’s preferences, but expect to be regularly connected throughout all phases. Typically, that means averaging a check in at minimum every 1-2 weeks.

  • How do you charge FOR YOUR SERVICES?

    We bill “hourly by retainer” for all design and project management services. After the initial consultation, we provide a scope of work and estimate of total hours. A retainer is collected before work begins, and we bill monthly as work progresses. 

  • How do you handle purchasing?

    We are proud to offer a white-glove procurement service to our full-service clients. We send detailed proposals for your approval and we take it from there. Once ordered, items are sent to a receiving warehouse where they are received, inspected, and stored until the final installation. We sell all products at retail costs or equivalent.

  • When should I engage an interior designer?

    Establishing your design team should be one of the first tasks when preparing for a decoration or renovation project. Our preferred approach is to collaborate with architects and tradespeople from the start to ensure success. Additionally, we take on only a few projects at a time and typically have a wait list, so we recommend reaching out as early as possible.

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