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Inside Our Remote Design Services

What is remote design?

Remote design services, also referred to as E-Design or Virtual Design, are essentially the same services and processes of standard interior design but with a little more homework required on the client-end at the start. If you are comfortable taking measurements and photos of your space, and conducting meets virtually, remote design can be a great option for you!

Is remote design the best fit for me?

Depending on your scope, remote design services can be a more budget-friendly option if you are looking for a turnkey experience or only need help with one room for example. Remote design is best for those projects that do not require extensive renovation or construction and is especially well suited for furnishing and decoration projects.

We offer this approach in two pricing structures:

Flat-Fee Package
For a flat fee package, you can receive a floorplan to scale, full design scheme, complete with a detailed purchasing list and installation guide. If you’d like to add revisions or additional product requests, we simply bill those at our hourly rate.

Hourly Design Package
All other remote design services are billed hourly. You’ll save us time by taking measurements and photos, and we provide up to three rounds of revisions, and multiple design scheme options. You’ll also have the option to

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Phase One: Onboarding

To start, we’ll send you a detailed questionnaire to get all the information on your project. Once we’ve confirmed your project is a fit for remote design, we’ll establish your scope and budget. Next, we will request your retainer deposit and schedule a kick-off call to discuss the project and get to know one another. We’ll ask for three pieces of homework from you: 1. Measurements of your space (don’t worry, we’ll send you a how-to guide!), 2. Lots of photos of your space and 3. Pinterest boards with style inspiration or spaces you like.

Phase Two: Planning & Design

Before diving into design, we focus on planning your space in a way that is functional for your intended use. Using answers from your questionnaire and our discussions so far, we will create a floorplan (or a few!) for your to review and approve. The finalized floorplan will inform our approach to sourcing products for your space.

To kickoff the design phase, we’ll evaluate your Pinterest boards and make sure we’re aligned on a stylistic approach before we move forward. Based on your needs and preferences, we source specific products and present a cohesive design board including floorplans with furniture drawn to scale. We’ll make revisions if necessary before finalizing the design. When available and necessary, we may also mail swatches or samples for your review.

Phase Three: Implementation

For purchasing and implementation, we offer two different approaches. The first option is part of our flat-fee package structure and is best for smaller projects: We’ll simply send you a detailed product list for you to handle purchasing on your own. The second option is a more white-glove experience typical of our full-service projects. We collect payment from you and handle all purchasing on your behalf. We’ll also take care of tracking items, communicating with vendors, and troubleshooting any issues that arise. With both options, we always include a DIY Install guide so you know exactly where items should be placed and suggested styling tips once they arrive.

Easy as that! You can read more about all of our interior design offerings here, and if you are interested in starting a remote design project with us, simply send us a note.